Thank you for choosing Nancy Caroline Bridal Beauty for your beauty needs.  Please take the time to read below so you are completely prepared for your loved ones big day.  Being prepared will allow her day to run smoothly so everyone can have the best day ever!

General Information:

2 Months Before

- Please let the bride know, no later than two months before the wedding if you want your hairstyle in an updo, half up, or down, and also if you want any braids or fishtails in your hair.  Also tell the bride if you want airbrush or traditional foundation.  It’s also important that you tell her about any allergies you have, especially latex, dyes, silicone and metallics.  This is information we need to make the wedding day schedule and if you have any allergies we make note so we can avoid those allergens while doing your makeup.  

Week Before Wedding -

Unfortunately pimples happen.  The best thing you can do is leave it alone!!!!!!  Don't pop it, and don't use any medication on it.  A big red pimple is easier to cover with makeup than a popped, dried up pimple is.  The most you should do to it is warm compresses, stopping those 2 days before the wedding.  Keep your skin and lips well hydrated.  Drink lots of water and moisturize day and night.  If your lips tend to get chapped, I recommend the "In the Buff Bundle" from Fresh.  Get it here!

We highly recommend dermaplaning to not only exfoliate your skin,, but to also remove the vellus hair on your face.  Makeup applies best to skin that has been dermaplaned.  Dermaplaning should be done 2-5 days before an event.  Waxing or threading should be done 4-7 days before an event.  

Day Before Wedding - Please do all dress steaming the day before the wedding at the latest.  The steam in the air can affect the hair and makeup.

- Exfoliate your skin!  This is a must for a perfect makeup application.  

Wedding Day - Everyone who is getting an updo, half updo, or just curls should should have clean and 100% dry hair. This is very important as we don't allow time for blow drying.  The hair should also be blown smooth but not flat ironed (doesn't have to be a perfect blowdry, just no wave on part, front and back hairline).   If you have a fringe, please style them to your liking before your scheduled updo time.   If anyone arrives with wet hair and it needs to be dried before styling, an additional fee of $50 will be applied if time permits.  If your hair is chin length or shorter and you’re only having a blow dry, then your hair should be clean and damp.

Everyone who is having makeup done should arrive with a clean face with a non-spf moisturizer applied.  Do not use an oil for moisturizer on the wedding day.  If you typically use an oil, refrain from moisturizing.  If you're having airbrush makeup, be sure to wax or thread any facial hair.  If you have any hair above your lip, or excess hair on your face, it will show more with airbrush makeup.  Same goes if you're having a tattoo, bruise, or scar covered as we do this with airbrush makeup.  

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled hair/makeup time.  All times are approximate so we’ll likely start you early.

Please wear a shirt or robe that you can remove without ruining your hair and makeup.  NO COLLARS! Collars pull out updo’s and ruin them.  Tank tops that can be pulled down or low collar robes are best.  

Your Style - If you are unsure how to wear your hair or makeup, we are happy to suggest a style for you.  You can also go to for inspiration.  Save your favorite looks by pinning them to your Pinterest board.  Also follow us on Instagram - @NcBridalBeauty, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Looking Good All Day - please either bring a lipstick with you to reapply throughout the day/evening or you can purchase a lipstick/lipgloss from us.  Lipsticks are $25 for regular lipstick, $28 for longwear matte lipstick, and longwear lipgloss is $20.  Also if you tend to get shiny, either have a translucent blotting powder or blotting papers.  NCC has a blotting powder that we bring with us for $26.  That is all you’ll need to stay looking good all day and night long.  The eyeliners, mascaras, and concealers we use are waterproof, and foundation is water resistant.  If you cry, dab or blot, don’t wipe.  

Illness - If you happen to be sick on the wedding day, we’re very sorry, we know this really stinks!  Due to the board of cosmetology law, if any member of the party has an eye infection on the wedding day, the makeup artist will not be able to perform makeup services on that individual.  If any member of the party is ill the makeup artist has the right to refuse service to that individual.  If any member of the party has a cold sore,  the makeup artist will only be able to use airbrush foundation and WILL NOT apply any lipstick to the individual.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Head lice - If anyone has head lice, we cannot do that individual's hair.  

Removing the waterproof makeup - We use all waterproof makeup because we know tears happen on your wedding day.  We're now using the new tube technology mascara that is not only waterproof but sweat proof.  To remove the mascara, first wash your face with soap and water.  Soap breaks down the tube mascara.  Then to remove the lashes and other waterproof makeup, either use a waterproof makeup remover, MAC has a great one, or just use jojoba oil.  You can get jojoba oil at trader joe's.  

Questions/Comments - If you have any questions or comments feel free to email Nancy at  

Wedding Day Contact Information -  On the wedding day the best number to reach Nancy is her cell - 215-801-2993.  Feel free to call or text her.  If Nancy is not your lead artist, you will be provided with that artist’s cell phone number.  You can still always reach out to Nancy and she will get you in touch with your lead artist.