Nancy Caroline Bridal Beauty has been using various types of extensions for almost 20 years.  We believe they make a great addition to many bridal hairstyles.  We are able to create many styles without them, however, some styles look better with a little enhancement.   

Why should you wear extensions?  If your hair doesn't hold curl, the extensions will hold it.  For volume.  For length.  For those who are thinning on top, the fall is the perfect answer.  If you want to see dimension in your updo, tape-in highlights are the perfect answer.  If you don't want to grow your hair out for your wedding, you don't have to.  Dry, damaged hair, add some healthy hair and it all looks healthy.  

We offer a few types of extensions because not all hair, heads, and hairstyles are created equal.  Upon consultation, we will discuss what hairstyle you are hoping to achieve, your hair concerns, and if you're interested in permanent or removable extensions and I will recommend the best extensions for you. 

Whether you choose Custom Clip-in, HaloCouture, or Tape-in, all of the extensions we use are the highest quality 100% human remy hair extensions.  All of the cuticles are sewn in the same direction.  This is very important in the quality of extensions.  Most are not done this way, which after multiple times brushing will look dry and knotty.  It can also be obvious it's extensions because it won't blend well with your natural hair.  With the top quality you get from us, the extensions will last at least a year with daily use.  

The prices of all of our extensions include color and cut customization.  

The Quick Run Down

Custom Clip-in Extensions 

Nancy cuts and colors extensions to match your hair exactly.  She then sews them together along with clips and they're yours to keep.  Length comes in 14", 18", 24".

HaloCouture Tape-in

This is a permanent method of adding length and volume that looks and feels amazing!  Tape-ins take approximately 1 hour applied by Nancy, and lasts 6-8 weeks depending on how often you wash, swim and sweat.  That's right, you can even swim with these tape-ins.  Your initial purchase is for both the hair and service, future visits will just be the service fee. Hair can be reused for approximately 6 months. 

HaloCouture - The Fall

This is most popular with our mothers of the bride and groom but becoming increasingly popular with our brides as well.  The fall is 16-18" and Nancy will custom cut the fall to blend with any haircut.  The fall is incredibly comfortable and clips in 1/2" - 1" from front hair line to just below crown.      

The Original Halo

The Original Halo instantly transforms your hair with added length and volume.  Add more dimension to your color by ordering a highlighted halo.  The halo has a comfortable miracle wire that holds the hair into place while being hidden within your own hair.  

The Layered Halo

The Layered Halo contains 50% more hair than the original halo.  The layered halo blends perfectly with shorter hairstyles and adds incredible volume.  If you're looking for big voluminous curls, this is the way to go!  The layered halo is our most popular extensions.

The Ponytail 

The Ponytail is a unique Extension, designed to create the long, voluminous ponytail you’ve always wanted! It easily attaches with a small built-in comb and a section of hair wraps around to seamlessly conceal your hair tie.  This can be used in many updos.  It's also the best extensions for when you don't want to style your hair but you want to look put together.