Wedding Day FAQ

Should our hair be clean or dirty?

Everyone who is getting an updo, half updo, or just curls should should have clean and 100% dry hair. This is very important as we don't allow time for blow drying.  The hair should also be blown smooth but not flat ironed (doesn't have to be a perfect blowdry, just no wave on part, front and back hairline).   If you have a fringe, please style them to your liking before your scheduled updo time.   If anyone arrives with wet hair and it needs to be dried before styling, an additional fee of $50 will be applied if time permits.  If your hair is chin length or shorter and you’re only having a blow dry, then your hair should be clean and damp.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash or Venmo but we also accept all major credit cards.  We no longer accept checks.  Final payment is due one week before your wedding day.  

Do you plan the day of schedule or do I?

We will make the day-of schedule for you.  Three months before your event we will email you a confirmation of services, and time hair and makeup needs to be completed by.  We will need the final count no later than two months before your wedding.  If you're having a different company for hair or makeup and they've made a schedule, please email it to us so we can coordinate.  

What do you need on the wedding day?

We will need one chair per artist and 1 waist high table per 2 artists.  For each makeup artist booked we would like a high chair, and for each hair stylist booked we will need one regular height chair with a low back.  If you're unsure that your room has the right chairs/tables, feel free to call, text, or email Nancy with any questions.  We usually make due when we arrive and if necessary, we call to the front desk for what we need (if at a hotel/venue).

Will steaming our dresses on the wedding day affect our hair and makeup?

YES!!!!  Please do all steaming the day before the wedding at the latest.  The steam in the air can make the makeup run and the hair to frizz.

What if someone decides they want a service on the wedding day, can you accommodate them?

Any services that weren't reserved ahead will be done at the end of the schedule if time allows.  The payment for those services is cash only due to the artist at the time of service.  

If I get a pimple the week of the wedding, what should I do?

It's very normal in the week leading up to your wedding to get a pimple.  The best thing you can do is leave it alone!!!!!!  Don't pop it, and don't use any medication on it.  A big red pimple is easier to cover with makeup than a popped, dried up pimple is.  The most you should do to it is warm compresses, stopping those 2 days before the wedding. 

What happens if the bride or bridesmaids are sick or have an eye infection or cold sore on the wedding day?

If any member of the party has an eye infection on the wedding day, the makeup artist will not be able to perform makeup services on that individual.  If any member of the party is ill the makeup artist has the right to refuse service to that individual.  If any member of the party has a cold sore, the makeup artist will only be able to use airbrush foundation and WILL NOT apply any lipstick to the individual.  If the bride is ill, has an eye infection, or cold sore, the bride would need to supply all makeup to be used on her face as well as makeup brushes.  If the bride has a cold sore the makeup artist will only be able to use airbrush foundation and the bride will need to apply the lipstick herself.  

How do I get the false lashes and waterproof makeup off?

We use all waterproof makeup because we know tears happen on your wedding day.  We're now using the new tube technology mascara that not only waterproof but sweat proof.  To remove the mascara, first wash your face with soap and water.  Soap breaks down the tube mascara.  Then to remove the lashes and other waterproof makeup, either use a waterproof makeup remover, MAC has a great one, or just use jojoba oil.  You can get jojoba oil at trader joe's.