Sojourn - Conditioner Moisture

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sojourn -conditioner_moisture_8oz.jpg

Sojourn - Conditioner Moisture


OVERVIEW – For Dry Hair

Sojourn Conditioner Moisture for dry is infused with our exclusive Keratin cashmere protein and Cystine amino acid to prevent breakage and split ends, soften and smooth dry hair. The low pH (4.5-5.5) and lightweight formula works to close the cuticle and repair damage for a superior conditioning treatment that restores natural smoothness and shine to the dry hair without weighing it down.


  • Gluten free

  • pH 4.5 _ 5.5

  • Infused with Keratin Cashmere and Cystine amino acid

  • Prevents breakage and split ends to soften and smooth dry hair

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