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The Layered HALO® Extensions has quickly become our most popular Extension. Uniquely designed and unlike any other product available, each piece has 2-3 built-in, gradual layers, providing the most natural blend with your own hair.

With 30% more grams than The Original HALO it provides maximum volume for dense or thick hair. The beautiful, flowing layers allow shorter styles to be transformed seamlessly into gorgeous long hair in an instant!

  • Every HALO® is made with 100% Remy Human Hair.
  • HALO® Extensions are coated with a protective Keratin Seal for soft and silky results.
  • The Layered HALO® instantly transforms your hair with maximum length and maximum volume.
  • All of HaloCouture's extensions are the highest grade hair on the market.  All hair is hand sewn with each strands cuticles in one direction.  This sets them apart from other brands.  


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• 100% Remy Human Hair
• 30% Extra Grams
• Built-In Layers
• Color Safe, Deposit Only
• Hot Tools - Up to 360˚F
• Comb and Extra Miracle Wire Included
• Non-Damaging


• Add Maximum Length
• Add Maximum Volume
• Blends Seamlessly
• Enhance or Add Color
• Low Maintenance

layered halo.jpg