Wedding Beauty Timeline 

1 Year Before:

New skin care routine - find an esthetician and start getting regular facials.  Take their advise on daily products you should be using for your skin.  

Start growing out your hair if you want to wear it up on your wedding day.

DO NOT USE COCONUT OIL ON ANYTHING IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY DOING SO!!!!!!!!!!!   Unfortunately this is the popular DIY treatment but it's a comedogenic which means it clogs pores.  It can cause inflammation and breakouts.     

6 Months Before:

Brows - Find someone you trust with your brows and start getting your brows in the right shape.  

Waxing/threading/dermaplaning - If you haven't already been, start getting your face waxed, threaded, or dermaplaned.  This is important if you want to have airbrush makeup for your wedding day.  If you have any hair above your lip, or excess hair on your face, it will show more with airbrush makeup.  We highly recommend dermaplaning before your wedding!  

Hair color - If you want to change your color, now is the time.  That way, if you're not thrilled with the change, you have time to correct it without damaging your hair.  

Lash Extensions - If you want to try lash extensions, try them out now.  That way you can see if you like them, remove them, let your lashes recover, so you can start with a fresh set the week before your wedding.

Tan lines - As you should always, wear sunscreen and reapply.  Only wear bathing suits that any tan lines you get will be hidden beneath the dress.

3 Months Before:

Trials - Schedule your hair and makeup trial.

Tanning - Experiment with airbrush/spray tanning.  From the day you have it done, start counting the days until you like your coloring the best.  That way you know how many days before your wedding to have your spray tan.

Teeth Whitening - If you're going to whiten your teeth for the big day, time to start researching what method you want to use and book an appointment if you're going with a professional method.

Hair Extensions - If your hair isn't the length you had hoped it would be for the big day, now is the deadline to order extensions.  You can order clip-in or halo extensions from me or you can have a more permanent method done at a salon.

2 Months Before:

Final Count for hair and makeup services is due.

1 Month Before:

Don't change your skin care routine.  If you haven't been doing facials, don't start now, it will do more harm than good.  

2 weeks Before:

Hair Care - Last trim and hair color.  Make sure you're going to the same stylist as usual.  Always remind them that you're getting married and you only want a baby trim.  

Facial - If you've been going for regular facials, schedule your last one no sooner than 2 weeks before your wedding.  

Waxing -  Your final brow wax should be this week or next.  Also have your face waxed, threaded or dermaplaned.  This is important if you want to have airbrush makeup for your wedding day.  If you have any hair above your lip, or excess hair on your face, it will show more with airbrush makeup.  If you tend to breakout from waxing use a little Neosporin or tea tree oil mixed with your lotion and apply to the waxed area only.  Apply within an hour of hair removal.

Pimples - If you get a pimple from now until your wedding day, leave it alone.  At most, apply a warm compress to the area and make sure you wash your face morning and night.  Do not apply any pimple spot treatments to the area.  This will only dry out the skin in that area and make it more difficult to cover with makeup.  It's much easier to cover a big red zit with makeup, than a zit that has been picked and dried up from medication.  

1 - 3 Days Before:

Exfoliate your face!!!!  Makeup applies best to exfoliated skin.  If you are having a spray tan, exfoliate before the spray tan and then that's all.  An exfoliant can remove the spray tan.

Dermaplaning - this is an excellent way to both exfoliate your skin and also remove the vellus hair on your face.  This can be done 2 - 5 days before your wedding.

Final Spray tan - if you're getting one

Eyelash Extensions - a fresh set if you're getting lash extensions

Get as much sleep as possible.  You won't be getting much sleep the night before your wedding so the sleep 2 nights before is most important.  

All dress and veil steaming should be done by the day before your wedding.  You don't want to have your wedding party or yourself steaming on your wedding day.  The steam in the air can effect the makeup and hair.